(Why You're Not Living) The Life You Want

The vast majority of us begin our adult lives with no real plan. Oh, we might have a vague idea, but youthful optimism assumes that "someday" everything will just work out and we'll be living the life of our subconscious dreams.

Reality often finds us X years later somewhere much less dreamy. This isn't what I signed up for...

What then?

This book is a collection of "secrets" that David & Christina (aka Tico&Tina) have spent 10 years learning as they developed a life that gives them the freedom to do things they love - work from home, homeschool their two young children, create, help people, and not the least of which is extended travel as a family.

This is what they would tell their stressed, desperate, younger selves to encourage a paradigm shift that would have allowed them to live the life they wanted much sooner.

While there's no one-size-fits-all lifestyle, having the space and flexibility in your life to do the things you're passionate about is for everyone.

The goal of this book is to help you revolutionize your “now", while also planning for a better “later".

Stop waiting for "someday" - the life you want starts now.

*Currently 74 pages and counting, this "living book" purchase includes free future updates. It also includes access to extended resources.

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